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Thermal division

In the thermal section you have the possibility to do therapeutic mud applications.
The mud, that we use in the thermal section, are soaked, for the steeping, not less than 6 months, in tanks not too deep so all mass can be in contact with the thermal water. So the mud reaches an average temperature of 47° C.
For each application it needs almost 25-28 Kg mud. The application of thick mud's layer to high temperature (average 40°C), on the painful zone, increases the tissues' vaso-dilation.
The insular mud-therapy is being object of numerous chemical and experimental researches from the Idrology School in Rome and Naples, which show the therapeutic utility in narrow sense and in preventive sense of the mud therapy in the chronic rheumatic-arthropaties.
Combinable with the mud therapy, we suggest the balneotherapy in an individual tub, that's a system, knew since ancient times, to awake the body and mind's potentiality.

We offer even vaporization and nebulization helpful in the acute and chronic respiratory disorders in subjects that already have problems or in those who are subject only in some periods of the year.
The experience of our massager is to your disposition for a relaxing and tonic massage with hydrothermal cream.